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Rights and Responsibilities

Every member of the Sam Baiker community has rights and responsibilities that enable members of the community to coexist, and to realise his or her goals. It is through mutual acceptance of responsibilities that rights exist. A right exists only to the extent that there is a responsibility on the part of others to respect that right. Based on this view, Sam Baiker holds the following to be true :

Every student has a RIGHT to Quality Education. Every student has a RESPONSIBILITY to :

  • take appropriate materials to class
  • complete and submit assignments on time
  • give every task his/her best effort

Every student has a RIGHT to a positive learning environment. Every student has a RESPONSIBILITY to follow class rules by :

  • being seated by the time class starts
  • listening attentively
  • following directions
  • giving others an opportunity to learn
  • remaining in class until dismissed by the teacher
  • moving through the buildings in an orderly, quiet and safe manner

Every student has a RIGHT to be safe and secure in the school community. Every student has a RESPONSIBILITY to:

  • respect the security of others
  • deal with conflict in an appropriate manner

Every student has a RIGHT to expect reasonable and socially responsible behaviour from others. Every student has a RESPONSIBILITY to treat himself/herself and others with respect by:

  • speaking and acting in a socially responsible manner

Every student has a RIGHT to be part of a school of which he/she can be proud. Every student has a RESPONSIBILITY to take pride in the school by:

  • keeping his/her own appearance neat
  • following the school dress code

Every student has a RIGHT to his/her good name.
Every student has a RESPONSIBILITY to respect the reputation of others.

Disciplinary Consequences

Any behaviour that is inconsistent with the school’s philosophy of personal integrity and respect for each and every person within the community will be met with appropriate consequences. In all cases, efforts will be made to provide the student with opportunities to ‘right’ a ‘wrong’ as well as to be punished for their actions.

Minor Offences

The following are examples of minor offences:

  • Lateness
  • Failure to conform to Sam Baiker dress code
  • Disruption of a class
  • Using a mobile phone or personal music player during class
Disciplinary consequences for minor offences may include the following sanctions :
  • Teacher will notify parents via email or by phone
  • Writing a letter of apology to people affected
  • Moving the student to another place within the room
  • Removal of the student from the session, under the supervision of another teacher, or administrator
  • Contact parents by phone and/or request a meeting with them

Major Offences

The following are some examples of major offences :

  • Consistently not acting to correct minor offences
  • Unexcused absences from lessons and activities
  • Bullying, disrespectful or demeaning language (See Bullying and Harassment Policy)
  • Academic dishonesty (cheating, plagiarism)
  • Repeated lying
  • Smoking
  • Theft
  • Use or possession of illegal drugs and alcohol
  • Major disruption or ongoing misbehaviour in school, in the playground or on school buses
  • Actual or intended injury to another person
  • Abuse or vandalism of school property
  • Possession of weapons
  • Deliberate abuse or misuse of the school’s computers or email access. (See IT Policy)
  • Use of inappropriate language or gestures
Disciplinary consequences for major offences may include the following sanctions
  • Drawing up a student contract which is a formal and documented agreement detailing what the school, student and parents will do to resolve an ongoing problem; and the consequences that will ensue should the terms of the contract not be met
  • Detention, suspension or expulsion

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