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Activity-based teaching

Sam Baiker opened its doors on September 2012. Sam Baiker as a subsidiary of Modern Schools Group was established in 1970 to meet the demand for Egyptians and residents of Egypt by providing nationally recognized degrees, with highest standards. Sam Baiker School Group is an educational organization consist of a number of schools distinguished by a unique system of education which allows students to learn perfectly The first School of Modern School was founded in Ain-shams, Cairo 1970, it started an expansion program for education.


The focus of the instructional programme includes literacy, numeracy, science and technology. The physical, emotional, social and meta-cognitive development of students is a key aspect of our balanced program. Sam Baiker is designed to support students who wish to pursue the best academic program.

Sam Baiker board provides expertise in the modifications and additions to the facility to ensure that Sam Baiker is a world-class school. The Sam Baiker board assisted in the initial recruitment of the school’s administrative and teaching staff.

The Sam Baiker teaching staff is comprised of American, Canadian teachers, and Egyptian trained and experienced in delivering the education program and utilizing the best proven Semi-International teaching methodology. The Arabic and Religion programs are taught by highly qualified and experienced Egyptian teachers.

English is the language of instruction. Arabic, Religion and Social Studies are taught as requirements, from Kindergarten to the end of Grade Twelve. French or German is taught as a second language from Kindergarten to the end of high school years.


Sam Baiker is a fully integrated, multicultural school open to any student who meets the entrance requirements.



600 students from Foundation Stage One to primary level

Average Class Size:

20-25 students


  • In addition to our national curriculum, we teach an international curriculum to face future challenges.
  • We believe that academic education is not enough, but building individual’s personality, leadership, communication skills, and characters is critical in producing the next generation of leaders.
  • We are using international curriculum and programs such as Montessori-based education … those programs using the student-centered approach.
  • Our curriculum is prepared to give the students strong values, the latest educational and scientific methods that produce independent thinkers along with communication, leadership, and social skills in an enjoyable and fun environment.

Teaching Methodology: 

Using international methods of instruction, methods design to promote the maximum potential of its students such as:

Activity-based teaching 

Activity-based teaching is the basis of academic methodology at Sam Baiker . Extensive use is made of audio-visual techniques, computer-aided learning, visual aids, charts, models, games, role plays, projects, researches, worksheets etc. to stimulate the learning process.

Inclusive education 

Sam Baiker follows a practice of ‘inclusive education’ wherein we believe that every child is special and deserves an opportunity to a positive educational experience. Remedial help is offered when a child has a weak conceptual base that affects his/her academic performance in line with the expected learning levels.

Theme-based education 

Theme based education teaches children through topics often relevant to the child, rather than isolated concepts. For example, we can teach children addition and subtraction in isolation, or make it relevant through a unit on markets where students and teacher explore buying and selling.

Inquiry-based learning 

Inquiry-based learning begins with a question leading further to questioning and exploration to arrive at a satisfactory answer.


  • Sam Baiker has a group of dedicated, committed, highly qualified and well trained teachers, who are Our teachers include native (American, Canadian, UK) and fluent English teachers, Arabic teachers, and Montessori trained teachers.
  • Sam Baiker believes to invest in developing teacher’s skills. We believe our teachers are assets for our school and in order to maintain this asset we have training sessions all over the year.
  • All our school team work with the same intention and towards same goal to achieve implementing standards and quality assurance for the real semi-international school.


Sam Baiker campus equipped with the state of the art facilities that provides imaginative minds and creative talents:

  • The school is equipped with interactive boards and projectors in each class
  • The school is equipped with computer labs which is internet connected
  • The school is equipped with science labs
  • The student can use the available digital library and physical library for researches and projects
  • The school is equipped with multimedia and music rooms
  • Small class sizes “Air Conditioned”
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras are installed
  • Swimming pool, Gym, and other facilities for playing and other activities


  • We adopt the family culture, our most important element is concern for each other
  • Student Learning is our priority, as well as the personal skills that promote lifelong Learning.
  • We provide a balanced learning environment that means global standards while preserving the national cultural values.


We believe that a successful school is the result of building a strong communication by:

  • Our goal is to create a school that emphasizes a partnership between school, family and community
  • Regular parents meetings
  • The use of student channel book
  • Sam Baiker news through web site and Facebook
  • Progress reports distributed through the academic year
  • Letters and calendars outlining school activities and events
  • Online grades, absence reports, and other reports for parents and student access

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